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Taking the step to reach out for therapy is a huge first step. I know that life is busy and taking time out of the day is hard enough. Change is possible though. I generally take a Narrative approach utilizing Attachment Theory, Trauma-informed approaches, Emotionally Focused Therapy, and Internal Family Systems as needed. I have extensive training in Sex Therapy and Couples Therapy modalities. As a certified yoga teacher, I try to keep in mind how the body, mind and soul are deeply connected. I believe that laughing and processing hard emotions can both be true in a therapeutic setting. I welcome and have worked with clients of different socio-economic, religious, BIPOC, and cultural backgrounds. I am queer, poly and kink-affirming. I do however know that I have an inherent privilege and try to practice cultural humility without the burden of explanation.


Curious what therapy with me will look like?  Sessions are held in person, in Tacoma, or over telehealth. Each client or couple will start with an intake session where we will get to know what brought you to therapy, assess other impacting factors, learn about your family, culture and societal narratives that impacted you, and finally set goals.  For couples or relationships, the initial intake will be together.  The second session each partner(s) will meet with me individually for the agreed upon time and then we will all come back together for the third session. Couples therapy is not about making one person the problem. It will be my job to maintain as balanced of a room as possible and to make sure each person is heard. 

I offer a sliding scale for both individual and couples. I am open to conversation around affordability and encourage you to reach out.


As individuals in today's world, we have more ways than ever to connect, however, we also have more stressors and often feel more disconnected and lonely.  Individual therapy is a place to unpack how our story and ways of operating in the world has been hindering us.  Using a client-centered approach, I will work with you to create a unique plan and find the ideal story that guides you in living a more connected, fulfilling and pleasurable life. 

Common Issues:
-Attachment work: Deeper capacity for intimacy and vulnerability 
-Self-acceptance and self-esteem building

-Sex Therapy (vaginismus, erectile dysfunction)

-Recovered from an eating disorder and wanting to create a new intimate or sexual narrative
-Stress and depression management
-Creating a purpose driven life
-Unpacking and accepting all parts of identity
-Understanding and applying boundaries 

Cost: $150/session

Couples Picnic


Most marriages or intimate relationships go through rough patches.  Sometimes we change or loose ourselves in the process of being together.  Therapy is a place, with or without struggle, to nourish intimate, loving relationships.  My therapy approach is focused on truly seeing and hearing our partner(s). 

 Therapy will provide a safe space to express and process emotions, trauma and misconnections while listening to heal, grow and cultivate connection and pleasure.  Maintaining a client-centered approach, I will use passion, skill and research to bring you the relationship you desire. 

Common Issues:
-Communication skill building

-Lost identities 
-Changing at different paces and it is hard
-Conflict and resentment management
-Erotic Mismatch

-Pain during sex
-Erectile dysfunction
-Next step values and alignment
-Non-monogamy/multiple relationships/polyamory 

Cost: $175/session


This is a space for people to heal from trauma, enhance communication and cultivate intimacy.  What has been blocking you from a pleasurable sex life?  In our work, we will explore barriers, support relationship ruptures and health concerns while enhancing intimacy and eroticism.

Within therapy I offer, couples/relationship therapy where we will work to co-create the relationship you desire by addressing infidelity, trauma, stressors and increasing connection, pleasure, play and desire.  I also offer individual therapy as a place to explore identity (LGBTQIA+ affirmative).  Our work would focus on supporting and working toward your unique goals.

Common Issues:

-desire discrepancy 
-Conflict and resentment
-Exploring sexual, relationship and gender identity/orientation
-Self-acceptance and esteem building
-Trauma processing and healing
-Kink and BDSM
-Boundaries: understanding and applying


-Erectile dysfunction

Cost: $150/individual session

          $175/couples or relationship session

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